So, You’ve Got A Bayonet You Want to Sell

I am always looking for bayonets for my collection and for resale. I will handle one piece or a hundred. If you've got a bayonet or a collection to sell I have got two different options for you.

Option 1: Purchase
I will be happy to buy your bayonet if it is suitable for resale. It must be a rare or unusual item. Or it could be a common item that is in very good condition with scabbard. I will typically pay you 50-60% of my estimate of the retail value. More expensive bayonets I can pay a higher percentage.

Option 2: Consignment
Another option for you is to place the bayonet with me on consignment. It should be the same type of bayonet listed above. I don't want to try and sell junk. I will sell the bayonet on my list for as much as I can. This includes the internet list as well as my postal mailing. I will charge you 20% of the sale price for this option. In order to get the most money from your item, it may take a few months. It is very hard to predict sales on bayonets. Often they sell within days or hours of my list coming out. But other times it takes months. This option with give you the most money for your item, but may take some time. If you want your money right away use Option 1.

When you have decided how you want me to sell your bayonet, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.